środa, 25 sierpnia 2010

Zmiana i akceptacja

The personality is a "no"; it can't say "yes".

So how can we learn to accept? When you say "I should learn to accept my anger," aren't you rejecting your rejection of anger? Aren't you rejecting the resistance? If you have a desire to be free from personality, isn't that a rejection of the personality? The personality does not know how to do it. Most people have decided that it is hopeless, and it is hopeless for the personality to do it.

However, hopelesness is based on hopefulness, and hence on rejection. The understanding of no hope is not the same as hopelessness and despair. It is based on objective truth.

But if we look back to tohe beginning of the rejection, what was it we rejected? What we rejected was pain and suffering. First we said, "I dont want to feel this, it hurts, it's dangerous". but over time it became "I don't want to feel this because I want something better, I want to improve myself, to succeed" We even believe the rejection is a kindness toward ourselves.

Whatever you think of doing - becoming succesfull, becoming lovable, getting enligtened, realized - the moment you are thinking of changing yourself, you are rejecting yourself. Whenever you want to change what you are feeling, you are rejecting your experience. You want to spit yourself out.

What we can do essentially, is not to try to say "yes" , because trying to say "yes" is a rejection. What we can do is just see how we are rejecting. In the beginning the rejection was an attempt to get rid of the pain, but we didn't get rid of it, we simply stopped seeing it. We weren't able to throw it up or otherwise discharge it, so we numbed our sensivity. Now we can allow ourselves to be sensitive, to experience without judgment, without saying "no", without saying "I'm seeing it so that it will go away". We can do this when we are interested in the truth for its own sake" to see, to be aware, to be conscious, to be with, and to feel what is there in your experience with no rejection, what is now.

"Diamond Heart Book Two" A.H.Almaas

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